Women in Tech

Diversity is critical in the tech and cyber world; it leads to better performance, higher retention levels, and increased revenue. With 28% of computing and mathematical roles being filled by women, the time has come to foster growth and innovation with both purpose and impact.


Cybertech strives to create a positive impact, unity, and diversity and promote empowerment. Women bring value, innovation, and creative problem-solving to the industry. To reduce the gender gap and enhance diversification, the renowned Cybertech Women in Tech event will provide attendees with an impressive panel filled with women currently blazing the business and technological trail.


These role models will share their experiences within the tech and cyber scene, expound on how they turned challenges into opportunities, and lead the conversation on how women can create and sustain careers and achieve high levels of success in cyber. 

  • 18000Attendees
  • 180+Speakers
  • 200Companies
  • 90Startups
  • 160Delegations